Why the Aging Brain Is More Vulnerable to Alzheimers: THURSDAY.

This is a clue as to the reasons age is the number 1, two and 3 risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease, said study senior author Dr. Randall Bateman, director of the Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network Trials Unit at the Washington University College of Medication in St. Louis. As we decelerate our ability to eliminate these sticky proteins, the risk of having these sticky proteins build-up in the brain rises and up as we age. Using this knowledge, long term research might think of a medicine or therapy that escalates the brain’s capability to flush out beta-amyloid, thus reducing or getting rid of the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, this individual said. After age 65, the chance of Alzheimer’s disease doubles every five years, the researchers said in background information with the study.Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2006 Advisory Board Firm and Kaiser Family Base. All rights reserved.

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