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The Evaluation Pathway Programme for Medical Technologies will help to ensure that new medical technologies or major changes to existing, used more quickly and consistently in the NHS. The types of products medical devices be included are medical devices treatment such as treatment such as implanted during surgical procedures, technologies greater independence greater independence to patients, and diagnostic devices or tests to detect or monitor medical conditions. Dr Carole Longson, director of NICE Health Technology Evaluation Centre, said: ‘We welcome comments on the process and methods guides as part of this consultation by anyone who has an interest in the evaluation of medical technologies the independent Medical Technology Advisory potencies . Committee has two core responsibilities: selecting medical technologies for evaluation by NICE guidance programs and also developing medical technologies guidance itself we are interested Comments or suggestions from industry, health care and patient groups receive to ensure that our process is clear and. And finally comes the NHS. ‘.

The process and methods guides is of the Medical Technologies Advisory Committee , which identifies and selects innovative medical technologies and forwards it via the respective NICE guidance program. MTAC will also develop their own medical technologies leadership, the leadership of a new form of NICE. The guides will also be helpful explain how evaluations will work , and will. Of interest to manufacturers, health professionals and organizations, patient groups involved in the consultation involved in the consultation process are interested in valuable contributions to the valuable contributions to the development of design guidance.

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