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Founded in 1994, Academic Emergency Medicine peer-reviewed journal peer-reviewed journal material relevant material relevant to. Practice, education and research in emergency medicine and reaches a wide audience of emergency care practitioners and educators Each issue contains a wide range of topics relevant to the improvement of emergency urgent or critical care of acutely ill or injured patients. Regular features include original research, with preliminary reports, education and practice, and annotated bibliography.

About Elsevier elsevier.comElsevier is a world – leading publisher of scientific, around 7,000 peoplecal information products and services.‘.. Since 2007, the two companies have successful international to over 20 countries out of by the provision of from Bayer CONTOU Link yards people with diabetes, who compliant MiniMed paradigm insulin and the Guard REAL-Time continuous glucose monitoring systems Medtronic be used cooperated. ‘Our goal is better patient outcomes and provides exceptional customer experience,’said Katie Szyman, president of the Diabetes business and senior vice president at Medtronic. ‘We are delighted working with Bayer of developing and delivered future integrated solutions which are to use even smaller and lighter, an accuracy today’s standards today’s standards in diabetes management.

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