Two thirds * of Britons believe that the nation is unhealthier than it was ten years ago.

Two thirds * of Britons believe that the nation is unhealthier than it was ten years ago, and could be more personal responsibility the best foot forward. The latest findings from PruHealth, the insurer found that people are rewarded for engaging in healthy behavior respondents consistent with Cameron his ‘Big Society’. More than two-thirds believe of the nation, people should take more responsibility for their own health, while only 19 % feel it should lie on the shoulders of the NHS. Nearly a third of Britons even go so far as to believe that, with ‘self-inflicted ‘health concerns of smoking Alcohol abuse or obesity are caused, the bill should own.

Due to smoking Finds The Nation believes take more responsibility take more responsibility for their own health, UKPruHealth has new research shows that a third of Britons want to pay people ‘self-inflicted ‘health shows revealed believe two thirds of the nation is unhealthier now than ten years ago and half expect that the variety and quality of the NHS to fall out in the next few years.

Feel that half the respondents of the NHS currently offers a good level of care, many believe the range and quality of services are likely to decrease in the coming years. Tryon Tryon at PruHealth said: ‘People have realized that the nation’s health is worse than even a decade ago , and now the issue is whose responsibility is is particularly important this – which is particularly important at a time when it increases pressure on healthcare systems finances the key to both the public and private sector will be to remove the obstacles to healthy living.A African – American and Hispanic Ethnicity teenagers has twice the risk getting pregnant in comparison to their Caucasus colleague. Are sexually active, Hispanics. Also reported that has a much higher %age of African-American teenage girl sex in comparison to are Hispanic or white girls the same age. The proportion of the teen African American having sex had sex be much higher as it is for whites or Hispanics.

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