This was the key finding of the AMAs 2010 National Wellness Insurer Report Cards.

In June 2008 Launched, the campaign’s goal is certainly to spur improvements in the industry’s billing procedure so doctors are no longer susceptible to a chaotic payment system.. AMA’s National Wellness Insurer Report Card helps improve claims processing performance Eliminating health insurer errors could total $15.5 billion in savings The American Medical Association today announced that one in five medical claims are processed inaccurately by wellness insurers, according to the AMA’s third annual check-up of the nation’s commercial wellness insurers and the systems they use to manage and pay claims. This was the key finding of the AMA’s 2010 National Wellness Insurer Report Cards, which for the first time, benchmarked the overall claims processing precision of the country’s largest wellness insurers.Amisulpride can be being developed by Acacia Pharma as APD403 for preventing chemotherapy induced nausea & vomiting .

Afghanistan Confirms Deadly Bird Flu Tests have confirmed the 1st outbreak of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu in war-ravaged Afghanistan, the United Nations and the federal government said Thursday. A joint U.N.-Afghan statement said samples taken from six birds in the administrative centre, Kabul, and the eastern city of Jalalabad analyzed positive for the virus, raising concern about how the impoverished Central Asian nation’s government will cope with an outbreak of the condition, which has ravaged poultry populations across the globe and killed at least 98 people.