Then the journal to settle into his new balanced.

Then the journal to settle into his new balanced, restructured and revised format. Here are some highlights:? Time to think a new layout breathe in of the magazine published research and writing. Improving readability, clarity and navigation Analysis , research , and review and opinion : For example, the journal now clearly divided into three different sections. A strong cover statement highlights a key theme this week. Please contact page allow for easier scanning of each week subject. Twice the amount of editorial comment. Devoted more than twice as much space comments, analysis and interpretation of the important developments in medicine. A more targeted news section – World Report – with in-depth features on contemporary health issues associated with our international correspondents.

Our July issue will report on another aspect of health research today – devote the clinical effects of a new science medicine.We much of next week Lancet regarding stem cells in the human disease. The advent of the science of stem cells is a turning point in modern medicine. The Lancet plans to be there from the beginning.

Contact:. Chief of The Lancet, explains why the journal looks a little differentIn finding this letter hidden away in The Lancet, you will have seen that the magazine last a little different from what came in the mail week looks. Allow me to explain.

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7 percent the developments in Employer – Sponsored Health BenefitsTwo newspapers studied recently issues relating to employer-sponsored health advantages at Connecticut and Maryland. Summaries will of articles appearing among.. Baltimore Sun: The Maryland Senate Finance Committee Free Newsletter a hearing a draft legislation employers of the country require an employer in the state to more than 10,000 employees for spending at least 8 percent of its payroll the the health benefits and are charged Fund into the State to the have insurance.