The UNICEF report said that there is some progress in improving of maternal health care.

The UNICEF report said that there is some progress in improving of maternal health care, particularly in reducing the number of children who dying in the first month in decreasing in decreasing mother – to – child transmission HIV. Before they were 18cs from 2007 show that receive 33 percent of the 1.5 million pregnant women to prevent MTCT of HIV treatment, compared with 10 percent in 2005, according to the report.

PAHO documents note that in general, it is easy, the impact of a disaster on wastewater and sewerage underestimate ‘because much of the damage will be hidden in the course of the preliminary assessments only too obvious long term at full pressure. ‘.. PAHO has a manual entitled Management of Dead Bodies in Disaster situations which appropriate procedures appropriate procedures in this area published, taking into account ethical, cultural and human rights issues.

Are likely According PAHO disaster experts, officials in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, carrying out detailed damage assessments to help them estimate the collateral health effects of Katrina on the population now and in the coming days and weeks.New vaccine called from a sugar like molecule beta – on the cell wall on the cell wall of fungus and the fungus needs to grow and survive found. Induced to provide a robust immune response to the vaccine, the group linked relative benign beta glucan protein named protein called diphtheria toxin, to known to be stimulate in other human in other human vaccines.

The vaccine protection Rodent from fatal fungus infections by actuating the production of anti beta -glucan antibodies. This antibodies against the invading fungus cell wall put and prevents the fungal to grow. The authors now want to to test the vaccine in humans and hope the results of being equally promising.