The second study.

The study was conducted with support from the Community Endeavors Foundation and the Cleveland Department of Public Health MomsFirst program.The second study, two focus groups to obtain information from community health workers, to elicit in a unique position to become their clients affect health policy decisions. But many of the community health workers described negative personal breastfeeding experience, a need for additional knowledge about breastfeeding and concern about the administrative burden of new mandates. According to Dr. Furman: These factors in the design of a breastfeeding promotion effort must be considered. .

That that breastfeeding is hard for new mothers identified with several obstacles, including lack of support at home , pain related to care, time taken perceived incompatibility with medication, problems with lifestyle and employment, body image concerns , bad Habits , and any device are not expected sources of support for their customers and required in-home visual help is telling telling it).

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