The origins of asthma have been linked to a variety of risk factors.

– Be important differences in the prevalence of asthma in different ways of life , such as nutrition, environmental factors and clinical practice and anthropology understand how help us understand how to prevent and treat this disease is to be built, he says. I hope that my work contribute to that sense of the origin of asthma and the significant differences in the rates of asthma in the population. Behavior and culture play important roles in the causation and treatment of many diseases and anthropology is the study of culture and behavior.. Van Sickle, that rates of asthma reflect both the doctors’ diagnosis and the differences in the actual frequency the disease. The origins of asthma have been linked to a variety of risk factors, ranging from genes, allergy, viral infections and environmental conditions such as smoky fire.

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The British Dental Health Foundation is websiteof the Foundation National Smile month campaign runs 17th May – 16 June 2009.The Foundation promotes three key messages: – Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste – Reduce how often you have sugary foods and drinks – Visit the dentist regularly,for several years.e Eyes Of A Medical AnthropologistAsthma affects an estimated 8 % of Americans and around 300 million people around the world, but varying practices in diagnosis and treatment have global implications for understanding a wide – spread, chronic disease, says van Sickle, who applies an anthropological approach to medicine.In If patients to learn to translate them breathing techniques from the computer game about activities of daily living that they could potentially significantly improve quality of their lives. ‘We are conducting a follow -up study to the to compare computerized breathing center Comment other unique methods of pulmonary rehabilitation,’said Dr. Given by.

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The results of these randomized controlled trial was published to the 15th April issue of Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine published by the American Thoracic Society.. Publishes in American Thoracic Society peer-reviewed journal, the American Journal of Respiratory and Care Medicine.

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