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More than 100 groups, like the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association ‘state tying monetary incentives to a employees’ health status could increase insurance charges for unhealthy employees, potentially pricing them out from the market and undermining the goal of health care reform,’ and could not lead to better health even. The provision was added to the Senate costs by Sens. Tom Carper, D-Del., and John Ensign, R-Nev. . The incentives could focus on the poor ‘unfairly, elderly, disabled and overweight, and could end up being exploited by insurance companies for financial gain,’ the groupings say, according to MedPage Today/ABC News. ‘It’s indistinguishable from medical underwriting,’ a Heart Association executive said.All rights reserved.

Real chat session with support staff reveals mind-boggling insanity, total detachment from reality A video having a bizarre, mind-boggling Genuine chat session with support staff is going viral over the ‘net. It reveals the shocking depth of insanity that today passes for support inside a government system that Obama still unbelievably statements is a great product! In the transcript and video proven below, Obamacare support staff in fact tell a customer this totally bizarre, meaningless statement, Imagine you are stuck in this site’s rush hour traffic. You still exist. You just aren’t going anywhere. Um, is certainly this a Zen brain something or teaser? When asked whether they actually have any useful solutions for users, the Obamacare customer service person replies, Don’t work with sissors.