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‘The disease and anti-tumor activity this study this study, encouraging focused and reports the comparison with the disease control rates in similar studies, either in the broad population of patients or studies on subpopulations with specific gene profiles, ‘said Vojo Vukovic, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Synta Pharmaceuticals. ‘The favorable safety profile in see this study is consistent with the results initiated in the more than 15 studies to have been treated with ganetespib today with over 400 patients. Ganetespib is well tolerated and not severe liver or common ocular toxicity reported with other Hsp90 inhibitors. ‘.

ResultsAt the time of analysis, 76 evaluable patients receiving at least one dose of ganetespib and a follow-up scan all tumor size measurements per RECIST criteria Disease Control is on as CR+ PR+ SD. Scan scan .

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