The Commission recommended that the health equity office ed treatments that work.

The State Commission of Racial Health Disparities recommended establishment of the office last year after of a three-year study that differences in transport, education, employment and public safety found higher infant mortality higher infant mortality and lower quality end of care among minorities compared with whites. The Commission recommended that the health equity office, which would be addressed under the Executive Office of Health and Human Services, racial and ethnic health disparities in the study, Set goals and of of community health authorities have identified to reduce gaps in provision and address other issues related to the study findings ed treatments that work . According to the News Tribune, House budget Guide ‘$ first set would have addressed the findings of the study on the chopping block. ‘ – State Rep. Byron Rushing has a $ 750,000 budget amendment ‘ to create the office, but ‘with lawmakers cigarette and cigarette and business taxes the funding gap the funding gap, no one is exactly what or how many, 512 budget amendments make the cut ‘, the News Tribune reported. State Rep. Peter Koutoujian , who served on the Commission, said: ‘I can no longer do we get frustrated, but I am out of the efforts of the government in encouraging accommodated without these specific agency,’adding, ‘Even $ 750,000 ambitious ambitious begin. Anything the program would be important. ‘Joseph Betancourt, director of the Disparities Solutions Center at Massachusetts General Hospital and a contribution to the Commission’s study, Jaid the creation of health equity office is important to state agencies ability best practices and coordinate existing efforts related to health disparities. ‘We truly have an opportunity here to further our leading position, ‘Betancourt said, adding ‘The office will really be the quarterback for the whole process. ‘.

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