The BBC reported.

Individuals with autism seem to have their brains use differently from those who do not have the condition, and researchers at the University of Montreal found that the autistic brain appears to have continued to co – developed areas in visual information processing, the BBC reported. But at the expense of the regions of the brain making and planning decision making and planning, there is less capacity for the areas in autistic brains, they found. – Welcome to autism issue. ‘On the brain’April is Autism Awareness Month, so of course there is a lot of ongoing discussion of these mysterious developmental disorder.

Anain: Inside autismIn the United States, 1 in 110 children have autism, which includes impairments in sociability and communication. It seems that wealthy than poor than poorer children receive an autism diagnosis, a study in the American Sociological Review. That means there are probably many children, especially those that milder forms of autism spectrum disorders, which need not be accounted for, according to the authors about U.S.This report looked at several causes of respiratory death of, received less attention. ‘atmospheric pollution out of indoor use cooking stoves, brandies and secondhand cigarette smoke he said 1.96 million die each year infection caused by these sources, by another 121,000 deaths by to outdoor pollution ‘.

Also, 97 % of for the 156 million new cases of lung infection may occur annual in the developing world. Which, which ‘is the most frequent cause of fatal respiratory disease among children, ‘killing 66,000 to 199,000 children each year. ‘It was determined with 3 million RSV hospitalization each year and 33 are million cases of RSV in 2005. There is not vaccine and no good treatment for RSV, ‘reports Reuters..