The authors suggest four ways in which the code should be revised.

, the authors: ‘The medical community is the key to the the fight against torture governments that practice torture complicity of prison require medical personnel Furthermore, there is a deep connection between domestic torture and worldwide medical solidarity against Torture A physician community to acquiesces abuse by their members undermines its credibility in protest against foreign medical communities or colleagues who contribute to torture feed. Accordingly, physicians and their companies need to act on their obligation to prisoners to promote well-being, access to prisons, skills to identify abuse and membership in civil society. ‘.. The authors suggest four ways in which the code should be revised. First, it should take on relevant definitions of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, with international law, medical code of ethics with international law, and thus communicate the responsibility of physicians to international law.

A month by month breakdown showed a ‘sudden upward trend ‘in motorcycle deaths in September 1997 changed in the same month the helmet. This suggests ‘a strong correlation between the coming into force of the repeal legislation and the increase in the number of deaths,’write Bavon and Standerfer.

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