The Assembly government firmly in Wales.

minutes of Swansea NHS Trust, that the financing gap for’ to fund Agenda for Change Agenda in in Wales at 20m, which is extremely worrying if NHS Trusts and Local Health Boards in Wales will have 76 million debt estimated for’ Agenda for Change ‘to have to succeed the necessary political support. .. Helen Mary Jones commented further: Not all political parties in Wales the full financing the Agenda for Change ‘ in Wales , both Labour and the Lib Dems support fails to provide a plaid Amendment support this week that demanded. The Assembly government ‘ firmly in Wales. Movement passed passed , the NHS to reimburse the financing gap of the Assembly government ‘s Agenda for Change implemented in the current financial year.

‘.. ‘this wage increase is based on the new NHS grading system;?’. Agenda for Change ‘but 70 percent of the Welsh nurses are to be transferred to the new system there is a concern that all nurses in Wales. Will get a pay increase. ‘.

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