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The analysis by Dr. Jonathan I. Levy and his colleagues at the Harvard School of Public Health found a very similar increase of 0.86 percent per 10 ppb. Most of the ozone increase has occurred in the summer months. In this study, the relationship between ozone and mortality appeared significantly weaker in areas with high home central air conditioning.

Goodman of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine of the fact that three independent research groups as consistent conclusions. Despite the use of different methods and under different assumptions Goodman also points out some weaknesses of the statistical methods used, new studies pooled data from many single-site studies. A 14 – year follow-up study of the air quality of 95 U.S. Cities shows that the effects of ozone on mortality may be smaller, but still significant. Very large, multi-site studies will be necessary to get the data for more definitive conclusions about the health risks of ozone needed to provide..The next stage in is of researcher to verify that other viruses such as HIV also have an intermediate step. Preliminary data from the Melikyan Labor shows that this is the for HIV. ‘We know that the whole HIV fusion sequence in slow very, occasionally at several hours of,’said Melikyan. ‘It is not unthinkable that it has an intermediate step which takes several minutes to to give us a adequate timeframe to drug reactions.’.

Our experimental system make intermission frequently hundreds of seconds, said Melikyan. What happening in the real world be difficult to tell. For fine tuning our model, he added, being likely too viruses like HIV with the cell membrane with that cell membrane and the same fusion proteins backups, so it is certainly provides a new goal addition, existing medication be reassessed., at which time they actually work locating, to fine-tune their business .

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