Teen birth rate website.

S. Teen birth rate website . Researchers believe the truth television shows, which concentrate on the hardships to be a parent, directly resulted in an nearly 6 % decrease in teen births between 2009 and 2010. ‘The fact that MTV knows how to make shows that teens like to watch, which speak to them in ways that resonate, presumably is critical to the show’s impact,’ the scholarly research authors wrote. The U.S. Teen birth price has been falling in recent years. In 2010 2010, the Centers for Disease Avoidance and Control reported women aged 15 to 19 reached an all-time low 34.3 births per 1,000 women. The real numbers fell 44 % from 1991 to 2010.

Drug was approved for use with a companion diagnostic test that is the first designed to detect PD-L1 expression in non-small cell lung tumors, the FDA said in the news release. By blocking what’s called the PD-1/PD-L1 pathway, Keytruda can help the immune system fight lung cancers cells. In 2014, the FDA approved Keytruda to treat patients with advanced melanoma following treatment with Yervoy , a different type of immunotherapy. The Keytruda approval is founded on medical trials that showed tumors shrank in 41 % of patients, and the result lasted between two and nine a few months.