Sureyya Dikmen.

Randall M. Chesnut, M.D tadalafil ., Nancy Temkin, Ph.D., Nancy Carney, Ph.D., Sureyya Dikmen, Ph.D., Carlos Rondina, M.D., Walter Videtta, M.D., Gustavo Petroni, M.D., Silvia Lujan, M.D., Jim Pridgeon, M.H.A., Jason Barber, M.S., Joan Machamer, M.A., Kelley Chaddock, B.A., Juanita M. Celix, M.D., Marianna Cherner, Ph.D., and Terence Hendrix, B.A. For the Global Neurotrauma Analysis Group: A Trial of Intracranial-Pressure Monitoring in Traumatic Brain Injury Although the monitoring of intracranial pressure is widely recognized as standard care for patients with severe traumatic brain injury, its use in guiding therapy has incomplete acceptance, even in high-income countries.1-3 Successive editions of the guidelines for the management of severe traumatic human brain damage4-7 have documented the inadequate evidence of efficacy, calling for randomized, controlled trials even though also noting the ethical conditions that would be posed if the control group consisted of patients who did not undergo monitoring.

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