Sources: Duke University Medical Center.

The results from both analyzes show that eEF1A2 moderately to highly expressed in two thirds of malignant tumor cells, whereas the protein only barely normal breast cells is expressed, the expression of eEF1A2 is up to 30-fold higher in tumor cells than in normal cells. Breast tumors.nificant overexpression in tumor cells with the estrogen receptor and in ER-negative tumor cells: 18 percent of the ER – negative tumors showed slight expression eEF1A2, whereas 63 percent of the ER-positive tumors showed significant expression the protein.. Sources: Duke University Medical Center,Written by: Catharine Paddock, The tissue – specific elongation factor eEF1A2 might be an oncoprotein in breast cancer involved a translation factor ‘ protein could be overexpressed in breast cancer cells oncoprotein oncoprotein research in the open access journal BMC Cancer published that eEF1A2 that and usually only in muscle cells.

They could then selctively stimulate the bone-forming mechanism of the PTH receptor in the bone-resorbing mechanism by switching off the G-protein – signals using an analog of PTH PTH called beta ARR .

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