Since the 1990s.

Since the 1990s, the European Union has more than 140 million euros invested in research into the field. The aim of the Helsinki conference is to evaluate the findings from this research: What new information that we have available now and what we are yet to be explored, says Professor Jorma Toppari from Turku University, who was one of the organizers of the meeting is. After Toppari, our knowledge about the effects of chemicals on male reproductive health, in particular has deepened, thanks to research the last 10 years..

MSF is also sending emergency equipment in the region today, including highly protective clothing for the team. Since Ebola is highly contagious, protective clothing can be destroyed only once and then carefully. Water tanks, Chlorine and care are also posted.

MSF is working in Kampungu, It is affected area where 12 patients who are currently hospitalized. Three of them are in a serious condition. There is no vaccine or treatment exists for Ebola, so MSF patients isolated to prevent the spread of the disease, the symptoms and reduce the suffering of patients. While waiting for the results of tests, they are treated with antibiotics and hydrated.Lovera stated that the variations in Stroop Score would be comparable with variations in the results between healthy individuals ages 30 to 39 and ages 50 until 59th – gingko appeared to be more beneficial for patients with MS with specific issues in the Stroop so ‘we are want to another study in us elect patients into in this particular test to do,’Lovera said. ‘We would also like test to in higher doses. ‘.

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