Said when addressing the Board after to minutes from the meeting.

Devex writes additional plans Bachelet stressed: UN Women ‘will composed of a UN strategy on gender and implementing a gender resource tracking system are grants worth $ 16 million over the coming months by Teach from governmental and non NGOs. Advance women said the political and economic empowerment, Bachelet, ‘according to the news service .. Advance Executive Director Michelle Bachelet starts 100 – day ‘action plan ”The key to our ability to execute strategic and sustainable political and technical support to the countries ensure the availability and reliability of financial resources,’said when addressing the Board after to minutes from the meeting.

Kaiser Family Foundation. You can view the entire Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report, be an opportunity and sign up for email delivery of global health. Is set by UN News Centre, UN Women a major a big boost in resources and officially launched on February 24, during the 55th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, the global policy-making body dedicated exclusively to gender equality of the promotion of women the advancement of women . In June, the UN Women its first Annual its first Annual Board to plan, according to Devex . Brought together According to the Associated Press, [t] he combined budget of the four bodies, approximately $ 220,000 is annually, but Bachelet works that $ 500 million increase with the help the economically powerful donors and hopes to double, $ 1 billion.The fact that so much not wear condoms , even though they know that she offer well protection of towards sexually transferable diseases and unwanted pregnancies, the importance of on attitudes and behavior on attitudes and behavior. .. However, youth their sexual experience but lot of risks.

Youths have an average 16 years of age and sober when they to make their sexual debut in to someone she have known for a while. However, only half only half of the sexual encounters having the new and casual partners, displays a large study of sex habits, attitudes and knowledge of young people, the of Gothenburg University in the name by the Swedish Institute of communicable diseases.

The Invalid KAB09 study is to biggest of its kind in Sweden and the high number the respondents means that it for increasing to increase we know and for investigating the connections between the different types of of experience. Because it has been implemented conducted with an online survey, which survey being not fully representative, but it still an important role in prevention work because of his size.