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McLellan, MD, author of the checklist. ‘The environment does not visit the walls of our homes and structures.’ The checklist – part of ACOEM's ongoing commitment to safeguard the ongoing health insurance and safety of workers, workplaces, and environments – targets home environmental hazards such as tobacco smoke, radon, asbestos, lead, combustion gases, water pollution, household chemicals and pesticides, allergens, and food poisoning. It provides tips on how to prevent and/or control these hazards in the house and includes suggestions and helpful resources from the Environmental Protection Company, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission amongst others. ACOEM encourages its members to disseminate the checklist to their patients and colleagues and urges the general public to implement the recommendations to boost and protect their living environment..Specialist investigation may be required in a few circumstances, such as when rest behaviours are complicated, injurious or threatening, and in medicolegal circumstances sometimes. For straightforward instances of rest walking in childhood, providing reassurance and description may be all that’s necessary. Simple safety precautions ought to be recommended when parasomnia behaviour can be potentially harmful. Most parasomnias will respond favourably to pharmacotherapy, if required.

AfriCoLeish launches Stage III clinical research to test 2 treatments for HIV-VL co-infected patients Phase III clinical study in Ethiopia launched to check 2 remedies for HIV-visceral leishmaniasis co-infected patients The international research & development consortium, AfriCoLeish, shaped by six research agencies from East European countries and Africa, has launched a Stage III clinical study to address the extreme difficulty in treating visceral leishmaniasis in patients who also are HIV-positive.