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University of Washington psychologist Andrew Meltzoff have Rechele Brooks and 10th this developmental step as beginning somewhere in the or 11 Localized month of life, and have found that children in in gaze – following behavior before their first birthday understand nearly twice as many words when they are 18 months old.

In studies of researchers eye contact with the child before breastfeeding turned her head toward either the toy on the left or on the right. Open in the eyes state gave the researchers their eyes open and turned her head from the child the the toys for about 7 seconds it again. To child The procedure was the same in the eyes closed trials, except the researcher shut her eyes before any of the any of the toys and not was facing was facing the child.. ‘This line of research is important because according to to another person line of sight is crucial for understanding the emotions of other people and, as we now show , the language, ‘said Meltzoff, co-director the Institute and a professor of psychology.

See the UW researchers for the same group of babies, whether gaze following vocalization vocalization at an early Age predicted language understanding and use at 24 and 30 months increased age.

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