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Wilkinson said about 5,000 cases remain open, which could result in fines. Larry Fields, president of the American Academy of Family Physicians, said: We are more on the Government to come with a heavy hand when it is used unnecessarily I applaud HHS for this route. However Janlori Goldman, a health care privacy expert at Columbia University and director of the Health Privacy Project, said: The law was created meaningless.ple a degree of confidence talk to their physician talk to their doctor or complaint with their insurance is that the used against them. We we are dangerously close to having a law that is essentially meaningless. Chris Apgar, president of Oregon healthcare Advisor Apgar & Associates, said provider say, HHS really nothing to do, so why should I be worried ? ‘ privacy advocates say, increase the need to enforce HIPAA , if successful, or if the federal government in their efforts to establish a system of electronic health records implementation.

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