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– RESULTS estrogen that protects the brain, without any increase Cancer Risk Can treat MS:UCLA Scientists have the first evidence that a specific form of estrogen can increase degeneration degeneration but not the risk of estrogen-induced cancers found in the breast and uterus. The study was conducted in mice infected with the animal equivalent of multiple sclerosis.

This form of estrogen also offers a new weapon in the fight against brain degeneration due to Alzheimer ‘s, Parkinson’s causes Lou Gehrig’s disease, spinal cord injury and even normal aging. Finally, people can be, without fear of the development of the female side effects often produced by using standard estrogen treatments. JOURNAL:The study appears in the August 27 to 31 online issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences..A New Perspective on Latin Genetic Ancestry ‘7 May 2013. Of the spittoon.. 5 One Height does not fit all – personalize the treating.

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