Published this week in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

The overall goal of the C – Change initiative is to use rigorous research to bring about culture change within educational medical centers so that all faculty, including women and under-represented minority people, have equal opportunities and are able to contribute fully.. Academic medical centers do not practice the values they preach always As the national conversation about healthcare reform engages millions of Americans, a new Brandeis study sheds light on the ideals of medical faculty who teach the nation’s physicians and lead in health care and analysis in the U.S.Predicated on a 2007 study of tens of thousands of incarcerated people, 4.5 % of those surveyed reported being sexually abused in the previous 12 months – and more prisoners claimed abuse by staff than by other inmates. Among the key findings of the survey aimed at reducing the amount of rape, sexual assault and sexual misuse behind pubs, the panel found: Who gets abused depends a great deal on where they are incarcerated. Ten services studied had high prices, between 9 % and almost 16 %, whereas six facilities reported no misuse at all for days gone by year. The commission stated prison management must show leadership in stopping such abuse. Inmates in jails reported fewer cases of rape than in prisons.