Prevalent diseases: %age of patients with a personal or family history of arthritis.

May have diabetes suggests, the area associated with diabetes BMI: underweight , normal , obesity , were obese .the UVA Health System is offering an important contribution to the Wise clinic since 2001, and now hundreds of volunteers, more than a ton of medical care and nearly $ 1 million outpatient services each year. Wise the Health System creating medical records for its Wise clinic patients to facilitate rehabilitation. These records provided data for Franck Report. To protect patient privacy, no personal information was accessed or contained.. Prevalent diseases: %age of patients with a personal or family history of arthritis , hypertension , diabetes .Blood pressure: normal range , increased blood sugar levels: normal range area, the patient.

Access to health care: 50 percent of no not a primary care providers, 50 percent. Women, 59 percent is not a primary care provider, 41 percent. All patients 56 percent primary care provider primary care provider, 44 percent.World Health Organization a high degree Accountability the Commission supervise NCD with a cross-sectoral presentation Summit liabilities.

Agencies Jean Claude Mbanya, president of International Diabetes Federation said. ‘NCDs have been responsible for 63 percent of all deaths worldwide in 2008 This is is not only a Stats, it’s the death by than 36 million people Having the emergence NCDs. By 17 percent 17 percent rise worldwide to the next ten years, we must cooperate order to ensure that global leader participating Summit and consent to a set of concrete commitments that will bring in sustainable action.

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