Portablecs Receives CE Mark Approval for Point-of-care PSA system Claros Diagnostics dapoxetine where to buy.

A small, portablecs Receives CE Mark Approval for Point-of-care PSA system Claros Diagnostics, a developer of novel point-of-care in vitro diagnostic systems, today announced CE approval for the rapid quantitative point-of – care diagnostics platform, which prostate used for prostate – specific antigen in the European Union dapoxetine where to buy . The approved system consists of a small, portable analyzer and credit card-sized disposable.

About Claros Diagnostics ‘ Point-of-Care SystemClaros Diagnostics ‘ point – of-care system consists of disposable test cassettes and a small analyzer, the high performance quantitative laboratory blood test results delivered with significant ease-of-use enables the transition of complex immunoassays and other tests from the centralized reference laboratory to the point – of-care (bed, ambulance, Attractive Features of the technology include the ability to a finger – stick of whole blood, automation of all assay steps, multiplexing, on-board controls, cost effectiveness and the delivery of results in minutes for use. Urology market was the initial focus the the technology, but also as a bridge to the true platform nature of the technology include infectious disease, women’s health, cardiology, companion diagnostics, and beyond, with applications in settings throughout the world.

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