More Proof High-Fiber.

‘Multiple studies have shown the advantages of the Mediterranean diet plan,’ noted one U.S. Professional, cardiologist Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum. The brand new research ‘shows that the benefits might occur through the GI tract and the metabolites that are released during the digestive process,’ she said. The analysis also showed that vegans or vegetarians had relatively low levels of a compound called trimethylamine oxide , which has been linked to cardiovascular disease. Among nonvegetarians, people who honored the Mediterranean diet also had fairly low TMAO levels, the researchers said. Another nutrition professional agreed that high-fiber Mediterranean or vegetarian diets present real health benefits.The results underline the physiological basis for the body’s tension responses in PTSD, and links to blood circulation pressure regulation. Both ACE ARBs and inhibitors interfere with angiotensin II, a hormone that regulates blood pressure. Ressler says his laboratory provides begun investigating the function of angiotensin II in mice, in regions of the brain regarded as important for stress and fear responses, such as the amygdala and bed nucleus of the stria terminalis. These data claim that this class of medicine may both decrease the body’s physiological response to stress in the cardiovascular system as well as decrease the brain’s response to tension. The negative locating with beta blockers was somewhat surprising, Ressler says.