Mark Lebwohl.

Study Assessments The principal end point was complete clearance of all clinically visible actinic keratoses in the target treatment area on day 57. Partial clearance on day 57, thought as a reduction of 75 percent or even more in the number of clinically visible actinic keratoses in the prospective treatment area, was a secondary efficacy end point. Yet another secondary end point, which was not really prespecified in the process, was the %age change from baseline in the full total amount of actinic keratoses.Topics of curiosity include, but aren’t limited to, emerging remedies for the mind, prostate, breast, uterus and liver and for bone tumors, back and neck discomfort and targeted drug delivery. Abstract submissions will be accepted through August 16, 2010 and should be entered online. Abstracts covering late breaking analysis will be recognized from September 1 through 15, but will never be detailed in the symposium system. Symposium registration Symposium registration fees includes meeting materials, breakfast and lunch. Prior to August 1, the registration charge will be $350. Doctors and scientists in schooling will receive a $100 discount.