Many reasons have been talked about below that explains why men start losing need for sex.

There are plenty of factors such as poor lifestyle, obesity, neurological issues, high blood pressure, stress, depression, coronary disease, prostate cancer etc. Causing sensual problems in men. Psychological and Emotional Factors Job stress, performance anxiety, guilt feeling, insomnia, marital or relationship problems are the major reasons of low erotic drive in men. These factors affect brain chemical substances and excrete imbalanced hormone which is liable for the reduced or loss of libido. UNWANTED EFFECTS of Medications Medications used to take care of major illness such as high blood circulation pressure, diabetes, prostate malignancy etc. Further diminish the libido level or cause erectile dysfunction in men.Â.. $1.25 Million Settlement In Case Claiming Physician Failed to Follow Up On OUTWARD INDICATIONS OF Colon Cancer There are times when colon cancers bleed. Sometimes, the blood could be visible in the stool. IN those circumstances in which the cancer is near the rectum, the blood may show up as bright red even. Though the blood can’t be seen Even, the bleeding may be detectible in other ways. For example, the loss of blood might manifest as anemia. Blood tests might uncover internal loss of blood that could be the result of cancer in the colon. Important blood test outcomes to evaluate will be the hemoglobin, hematocrit, and Mean Corpuscular Volume amounts. Low levels may suggest loss of blood and iron insufficiency anemia. If an inidividual presents with amounts that are low for these assessments physicians typically recognize that there should be follow up to look for the reason for the loss of blood, such as the chance for cancer of the colon.