Manfred Welslau.

To regulate for multiple comparisons, a fixed-sequence hypothesis-testing procedure was implemented. The hypothesis test for progression-free of charge survival was executed at a two-sided alpha degree of 0.05. If the result was statistically significant, overall survival was to end up being tested at a two-sided alpha level of 0. If both major end factors were statistically significant, the secondary end factors were to be examined in a prespecified order. The statistical analysis plan is roofed in the protocol. The primary end points were assessed in the intention-to-treat population and tested by means of two-sided log-rank tests, with stratification according to the factors used for randomization.N is definitely for National personal debt – It’ll under no circumstances be paid, but it’s fun to view it expand. I question what happens when it gets too much? O is for Oil – Why build wind farms when you can just buy more oil from the Arab says or drill in the Amazon? P is for Pharmaceuticals – Because you were all born deficient in patented chemicals, and Big Pharma is set to ‘right your imbalances.’ There’s a fee involved, of course. Q is for Quacks – Oncologists, vaccine pushers, c-section surgeons and nutritionally-illiterate physicians who press patented chemicals of real health solutions instead.