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Neil Hunt Chief Executive Alzheimer Societyinformation about the Alzheimer’s AssociationAlzheimer’s Society is the leading care and research charity for people with all forms of dementia and their carers. It provides information and education, support for carers, and quality day and home care. It funds medical and scientific research and campaigns for improved health and social services and more public understanding of dementia.


The report will feed into the current consultation on any secrets, the Department of Health guidelines for answering adult abuse.Alzheimer’s Society comment,people with dementia are particularly vulnerable to abuse, neglect, poor quality care and discrimination. This report shows that people are already contending with poor quality being taken are disappointed by ineffective protection against misuse. Carersuse of vulnerable adults is an unacceptable violation of their human rights and can be prevented.Contact Dr. Beate Niesler, PhD, University of Heidelberg, Institute of Human Genetics , Im Neuenheimer Feld 366 – source Dr.

###ReferenceJ. Kapellerfeld et al, The first indications for connection to a functional variant is at on microRNA-510 target site of the serotonin receptor is type 3E gene to Diarrhoea IBS. Human Molecular Genetics, 2967-2977.

Serotonin plays a major role in the complex processes of in the gastrointestinal tract – just like sleep, mood, and influence blood pressure. Several types of receptors in the gut located on serotonin him under the lock and key principle of and thus transmits cellular signals. We have noticed that patients who are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome diarrhea greater frequency of specific mutations exhibit, explains Dr.