In the pre-clinical studies.

In the pre-clinical studies, has Pluristem talks with the Paul Ehrlich Institute , the German competent authority, be used for a clinical development plan in which PLX cells as adjuvant therapy for restoring muscle introduced function following hip replacement surgery.

The data from the study indicates that PLX cells into different categories of muscle injuries, including injuries, after administration, the during exercise, as well as intentional injuries, can after the incision of a skeletal muscle during surgery. These markets represent a potential annual turnover of around 10 billion USD.

Subject to regulatory approval, Pluristem plans ahead with clinical trials for muscle injury indications. These studies will be conducted in addition to the expected phase II / III study of PLX-PAD for the treatment of critical limb ischemia..Enrolment female into HIV Preventive Vaccine Trials: an ethical imperative but a major logistical challenge, PLoS Medicine: Edward Mills, director of the Center for International Health and Human Services Studies Studies from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and his colleagues are discuss cultural barrier of enrollment female into HIV Vaccine Trials, with like difficulties in the prior consent given from female who are not freedom of decision and anxiety shrink them they shrink HIV to participate in the study. Mill says that to overcome these obstacles, explorer need to be sensitive the needs such groups but he added that implementation of strategies order women to participate in clinical studies, we can use the huge contribution they of will appreciate will appreciate ..