In the beginning the researchers found that half of the men on the skin on the skin of his penis.

After 42 months, 5.8 % of men who were HPV positive at baseline ,, compared to 3.7 % of men who do not have HPV. – ‘Even when we controlled for circumcision status, herpes and other sexual and sociodemographic risk factors in the U.S. With HPV at the first study visit infected at higher risk for HIV infection than men without HPV were, ‘Smith said. ‘If our results are confirmed in other studies, then HPV prevention could become an effective tool for HIV prevention ‘ ‘.. In the beginning the researchers found that half of the men on the skin on the skin of his penis. They speculated that since HPV can cause penile lesions and affect immune responses , may HIV infection HIV infection.

Prevent HPV Might lower risk of HIV infection in menmen are infected with the human papillomavirus are at greater risk of infection with human immunodeficiency virus than men who do not HPV positive, according to researchers at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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