In preparation for experiments knew Sterns group a protein called Nf1 neurofibromin.

In preparation for experiments knew Stern’s group a protein called Nf1 neurofibromin, the the encodes a second protein called Ras, promote promote nerve cell growth inhibition. They also knew that a third protein called PI3K was recently reported that, in mice, the defective Nf1 genes had to be hyperactivated, and they knew that PI3K activity of a fourth protein called Akt requires to perform its duties.

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Bypass surgery which robotic – Assisted CABG surgery surgicalDr. Robert Poston a pioneer in the use of the robotics for minimally invasive cardiac surgery. He has recent rejoined Boston Medical Center as head of of cardiac surgery. His arrival, BMC to simply one of 9 hospitals throughout the country, and the only hospital in Boston, on robot-assisted minimally invasive coronary artery bypass graft, of the most advanced treatment available for coronary heart disease ..