In a first-of its-kind study.

In a first-of – its-kind study, a team of researchers from the Department of Exercise and Sport Science and UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center has shown that physical activity can improve significantly increasing symptoms of fatigue and depression, cardiovascular endurance and maintain the quality of life of adult patients in the treatment of leukemia.

A total of 10 patients participated in the EQUAL study. Each patient was provided with specially treated exercise equipment to minimize the risk of infection. They participated in an individualized exercise session while in the hospital for 3-5 weeks after the induction phase of leukemia treatment. The exercise prescription for aerobic and resistance exercises, core exercises and stretches light is tailored to the patient’s condition and leukemia symptoms. After her release from the hospital, each patient received an aerobic-based exercise prescription during their during their 2-week home recovery period. TITLE: TRIB1 is a lipid – and myocardial infarction-associated gene.The ARVO / Pfizer Award is to honor committed to excellence in research and basic science discover, concepts and new technologies resulting in clinical proof of diagnose, prevention or amelioration of pathologic the eye and / and the understanding of the standard vision processes. This award This honor two researchers. This award is financed by Foundation by a grant out of Pfizer Ophthalmics.

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