I know that many people about stem cell research are concerned.

He said, I know that many people about stem cell research are concerned, you have fear of meddling with what they see as the stuff of souls I respect these concerns, but I think we have an obligation to offer hope. To the millions of people who suffer from devastating diseases such as Parkinson ‘s, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, Alzheimer’s. , and as we saw in the papers, possibly heart problems.

Mr. Howard said that the life expectancy of the average Briton now around the mid-70s, the company has a responsibility simple ones the quality of people’s lives, as they had to be older.

I believe that stem cell research offers a way forward. Of course, stem cells are still a recent discovery. More research needs to be done. But we need to look at their potential in a responsible and grown up way. The hopes of millions of people rest to what could be achieved. – In life there ,, but often there are simple-minded , and we must have the courage, what we know is morally right.The survey was conducted in March and the results published in the May / June issue out of The Physician Executive Journal of Medical Owners the American College of Physician Executives.

Most doctors agree that the time to get involved in politics now. Since the land decides leader to be their leader for the next four years the debate about care is growing longer heating and doctors votes must be heard.

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