Glucose tolerance is the ability to maintain normal blood sugar levels in our body.

The researchers also discovered that the overexpression of these three transcription factors in the liver of the diabetic mice drastically improved the glucose tolerance in these animals. Glucose tolerance is the ability to maintain normal blood sugar levels in our body, says Dr. Under normal conditions, insulin from the pancreatic beta cells glucose load glucose load. Released insulin glucose uptake promotes in peripheral tissues such as muscle and fat. And glucose production is suppressed in the liver to maintain glucose tolerance upright in contrast, under diabetic conditions, beta-cell dysfunction and insulin resistance often observed disturbs the glucose tolerance.

They play a crucial role in pancreas development and beta-cell differentiation and maintenance of normal beta-cell function by regulating several beta-cell genes, including insulin. While both of these transcription factors to the increase in insulin gene expression was the main MafA molecule in this study. The researchers found in humans.mbination of only PDX-1, and was much less effective in NeuroD increasing insulin production than all three transcription factors together. – MafA, a recently isolated transcription factor , is expressed only in pancreatic beta cells and is very important for insulin gene expression, says Dr.Many known a poor hand hygiene solution in an emergency room.

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