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Associate professor of radiology at Duke Carl E. From multiple angles. Imaging Laboratories developed a knowledge-based approach to treatment planning to rationalize. Your system may also help doctors develop higher quality IMRT treatment plans that protect healthy tissue from the effects of radiation. The team developed assembled a database of nearly 500 prostate IMRT cases of the Duke University Medical Center and several community health centers ‘ ‘case similarity algorithm ‘spatial positions of spatial positions of the tumor and healthy organs, new cases of prostate cancer with IMRT cases in the database.Umbilical the blood from a newborn, who once dismissed as a waste product that along with along with placenta and is now regarded a potentially life-saving stem contain. Personal banks originally developed cells stem cells umbilical cord blood of newborns, on for a fee, for potential future use thereof children or family member if he / she developed disease later in life. To be aware of public sector banks, complimentary, stem cells, which may she, they do similarly to public blood banking labor. Patients must be aware of that the chances of are distance that stem cells are used from their Babys cord blood in order to treat to same child or a different family member at that future, said Anthony R.

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