Free access for researchersstated Until now.

– The good cooperation of laboratory biologists and bioinformaticians, we have succeeded in testing miRDeep in practice, Rajewsky, dam . * MiRDeep: Discovering microRNAs from deep sequencing dataMarc R.. Free access for researchersstated Until now, Rajewsky, the problem is also involved analyzing the immense amount of data generated by deep sequencing Such a machine can decode of 100 million letters of DNA in 3.5 days also. Many other many other RNAs, not only miRNAs. Marc Friedl? Santander developed the computer program miRDeep . With this program, researchers can discover signatures in the sequencing data in the production of in the production of miRNAs in the cell. MiRDeep searches the data for these traces and then calculated produce the probability of a potential miRNA precursor a real genuine.

MiRNAs are. As promising diagnostic and therapeutic candidates for the treatment of human diseases Scientists around the world are trying to identify methods actively actively developing in tissue samples or to identify new miRNA genes. So far, more than 600 human miRNAs researchers, each of which of several hundred proteins of several hundred proteins, the building materials and supplies of life were identified.

Marc Direction Friedl, PhD student in the laboratory of Nikolaus Rajewsky , Max Delbr ck Center for Molecular Medicine Berlin-Buch, Germany, has now developed a software package called miRDeep? It allows researchers identify not only which miRNAs are active in a tissue sample, but can also discover previously unknown miRNAs.The researchers and any treatment assistance for survey participants have documented the symptoms and then repeated an evaluation of symptoms of a month later. ‘We usually found the same severity of these symptoms a month later, in cancer treatment they tend to be chronic, ‘Wagner said.

– According to the World Health Organization , psychic condition in the advanced countries of more obstruction than any disease group 5 percent of heart disease and cancer.

She also said that psychological illness does not an isolated public health issue, It is is often coexists with other illnesses like cardio diseases, diabetes, obesity and Krebs is even in connection with behaviors like sedentary. Smoke excessive consumption of alcohol excessive alcohol consumption and lack of sleep What if the mental disease to often in decreasing the effects of another disease treated successfully, said Hyde.