For the HIFU Sonoblate 500 device has been used.

The study was a non-randomized prospective assessment of differences in the size of the penis and erectile function in men undergoing HIFU or TCAP for clinically localized CaP. For the HIFU Sonoblate 500 device has been used, and for treatment of an argon-based TCAP cryotherapy system was used. Color duplex sonography was after a single intracavernous injection of PGE1 followed by stimulation performed. After treatment, tumescence I to IV I to IV of a doctor observers. Penile length was measured from the tip of the glans against the skin and joint pubopenile penis circumference middle third of the middle third of the penile shaft. The study included an evaluation of the intra-observer variability in a group of 10 men.

The cohort included 102 Asian men, all with a at least 36 months follow-up. Generally good adherence to the use of the vacuum device was in the first 24 months, and then decreased. Erectile function recovery rate at 36 months after treatment was 46.8 percent for the TCAP group and 65.5 percent for the HIFU group. Testosterone levels decreased significantly for both treatments over the 24 month follow-up period. There was no significant difference in the the proportion of patients in both groups with grade III and IV artificial erection during penile Doppler ultrasound.The power of the right diet, Medical giving inability sound dietary advice sure to condemned millions of for early grave because of of diseases that would have been avoided or maybe remedied Given It is a national health care tragedy which wants to be corrected.

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