FDA honor Scientist Who Famously Blocked U.

FDA honor Scientist Who Famously Blocked U.S. Approval of thalidomideFDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg an award an award today Frances Oldham Kelsey, a former FDA medical officer who refused in 1960 approval Kevadon, a drug commonly by its generic name known – thalidomide – which was later to cause severe birth defects, the Washington Post reports. The Agency will regularly present the award, which will be honor of honor of Kelsey to an employee to celebrate courage and scientific decision-making (Layton, Washington Post.

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No long term ADHD Drug Use is not harmfulAs many as 5-7 percent of primary school children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder , a behavioral disorder, the problems with inattention causes hyperactivity or a combination diagnosed of these features. Now researchers have found that the long-term ADHD drug use seems to have no long-term effects on the brain.. Researchers took pictures in front of the animals brain and measure to the study of the chemistry of the brain and the structure also saw the team of developmental milestones to the concerns that ADHD drugs will affect negatively to tackle physical growth.

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