Exposure to BPA in Pregnancy Tied to Low Birth Pounds in Girls: Study: FRIDAY.

To review the potential effects of BPA during pregnancy, Padmanabhan and her co-workers took first-trimester blood samples from 61 women that are pregnant getting treated at the University of Michigan Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital. They sampled blood from the umbilical cord during delivery also, the study said. The investigators found that higher BPA amounts were connected with lower birth pounds in girls, but not in boys. Great BPA levels were linked to slightly longer feminine pregnancies, by about 1 day, the study found. Hormones affect boys and girls as they grow in the womb differently, and these differences tend why only girls were suffering from BPA, Padmanabhan said.This means that over fifty % a million local citizens will no longer become forcibly medicated with a toxic byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer developing industry, and the city itself will save thousands of taxpayer dollars a calendar year in the process. KOB Information 4 in Albuquerque reviews that, after much deliberation, officials from the Albuquerque Water Authority decided that it’s no longer essential to fluoridate the city’s water supply.