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Equally important, blocking Y2R resulted local elimination of adipose or fat, Baker said. This is found the first well-described mechanism can effectively eliminate, without using the surgery fat, he said. A safe, effective, non – surgical means undesirable undesirable body fat would be of great benefit to our patients. .

In a significant minority of people who to get the injury to repair their bodies instead, they form scars. This can lead to chronic liver disease and cirrhosis progress where the scarring is so extensive is the liver cleanse is not the blood or produce vital hormones and clotting factors. Liver scarring and an ideal environment for the development of cancer. Publishing in Nature Medicine and presented in Nature Research Highlights, describes the paper as the work in mouse models , the team could tilt this balance, favoring to healthy tissue regeneration and block scarring by manipulating the actions of serotonin ‘ ”drug.

Identifying the 5-HT 2B receptor, called the serotonin, the scar-forming cells to switch off regeneration, they done done in less scarring and regeneration.Patients received either one postoperative treatment to Taxotere, doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide , as TACs is famous, and that widespread standard therapeutic with 5-fluorouracil, doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide, famous such as FAC. BCIRG 001 registered 1,491 pre-and postmenopausal women early breast cancer at 111 sites in 20 countries, received 745 patients were randomized to receive seven hundred and forty-six TACs and FAC. Is a major disease-free survival benefit also been observed independent of Her2neu term.

The study was sponsored by Aventis. Aventis docetaxel under the trade name Taxotere?

Results BCIRG 001, the first Phase III study with Taxotere after breast surgery were presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium by the Breast Cancer International Research Group nowadays. – ‘Taxotere its efficacy its effectiveness different stages of breast cancer continue, and these study shows that women by early stage breast cancer and their doctors should be seriously superior to Taxotere -based treatment of, such as TAC regime of in BCIRG 001 study ,, considerably prolonged disease-free survival and the survival of ‘forward and Martin disc at the Medical Oncology Department, the Hospital Universitario San Carlos, Spain, Chief GEICAM.