Driven by an overly aggressive immune response after birth.

Is biliary disease that destroys the bile ducts in and in the vicinity the liver during the first months of life. Driven by an overly aggressive immune response after birth, the condition cause of severe cause of severe pediatric liver disease. The channels normally normally blocked bile liver and gall bladder liver and gall bladder into the intestine over time. With the treatment, which include an operation Children often need a liver transplant within two years of birth.

The researchers were able to disable the process will break down or block the signaling activity of plasmacytoid dendritic cells and interleukin 15th This prevents injury to the bile ducts and shut down the disease progression. Bezerra pointed out that more research before you decide whether to blocking this process have therapeutic benefit in humans is required.Such fundamental distortion of attentiveness is important because varying degrees of different degrees of elasticity and susceptibility to affective disorders .

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