Drinkaware CEO Chris Sorek said: alcohol is part of our national culture.

Drinkaware CEO Chris Sorek said: ‘alcohol is part of our national culture, but according to the latest government figures get 360,000 11-15 year olds drunk every week, putting yourself in danger of damage to the liver, depression and damage. To drink in the development of the brain and longer-term problem.

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Teen Binge Drinking: What do professionals say? UKThe Drinkaware Trust , the UK charity which aims to reduce alcohol harm wants to hear what with young people with young people have to say on alcohol culture.. The study found that although 39 % of the women reported an increase in seizure activity during their pregnancy, 33 % actually a decrease in seizures and 28 % no change.– Due the smoking ban and to for tobacco products the UN spaces, that Member States tremendous model function, Uruguay – the first smoke-free land in America – deserves special praise from sponsoring smoke-free original resolution and work for long and industriously to its passage warrant. .. Of tobacco being the leading preventable cause of death from 5.4 million people 5.4 million people per year of lung, heart disease and other diseases smoke free Report problem in the Global Tobacco Epidemic which released in February. There no safe level of second hand smoke, the report said referring to studies of the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer, to the Surgeon General of the United States, the UK Scientific Committee shall on Tobacco and Health and The – conference of the parties to the WHO the Framework Convention the tobacco .

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