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73 percent of the will say that it is important that physicians to make a proper assessment of comorbidities, when deciding on the right treatment for. Elderly patients with head and neck tumors, these patients are often long-term users of tobacco and / or alcohol, the lead in addition to carcinogenic effects, also cause lung, heart and cerebrovascular diseases.. Dr Charlotte ROTB l B ever, from the Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark, told the conference that the analysis of comorbidities? other medical conditions or diseases that a first a first diagnosis of cancer – in 12,956 patients in the database DAHANCA registers all Danish head and neck cancer diagnosed from 1992 to 2008 showed that 44 percent had at least one co – morbidity.

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Physicians law Antiabortion Try To Veto Bill To Stem Cell Research banking ReviveAntiabortion legislator Oklahoma attempt to veto vetoed legislation that would be banned research involving embryonic stem cells at the state by the ban to an unrelated accounting have to revive that would ban human cloning, which AP / CNBC.com reports. House members of on the Wednesday well adding a ban on of human cloning for this measure. Lauingen Lauinger, chairman of Oklahomans for Life is the action ‘narrower ‘as the of veto the accounting and would be ‘prohibit as reproductive cloning, as well as the production of human embryos for purposes of harvest your cells.