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Mediterranean diets have been associated with health benefits such as reduced risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer, Djuric notes combined. Recent studies have also suggested that such a diet can increase longevity, but this data from observational studies of Europeans, the traditional Mediterranean dietary pattern. The new research is the first time a method has been developed in order to achieve the major Mediterranean nutrient intakes with American foods, and American women were able to follow this diet.

Djuric – a member of the UM Comprehensive Cancer Center – also leads a study called Healthy Eating for Colon Cancer Prevention study in which she and colleagues whether , a Mediterranean diet preventive effect in the colon in persons at increased colon cancer risk. The food in the newly published study should also for the prevention of many cancers, including breast cancer, says Djuric. More information on the current study, and how to participate can be found at the University Mcihigan Engage site.Among the carbohydrate supplemented available to Lifters, drinks and gels used in more frequently during the races , as they are easier to digest than energy bars. Previous studies have shown that carbohydrate absorption to improve via sports beverages during exercise through the maintenance blood glucose levels perseverance. However, the benefits of carb acid supplementation via gel and sports are formulated Jellybeans were not examined.

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