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Advocates, lawmakers force for House to pass bailout bill that includes mental parity Advocates for mental health parity legislation on Thursday launched efforts to lobby 51 co-sponsors of a House mental health parity expenses who also voted against a House edition of a financial bailout package deal to reconsider their votes and vote to approve a Senate-approved package which includes mental wellness parity vocabulary, CQ Today reviews contact . Wednesday On, the Senate exceeded the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street firms that included mental health parity legislation.

‘Just 56 % of Uganda’s available wellness positions are filled,’ the news support writes, adding, ‘A parliamentary committee’s recent try to redirect 75 billion Ugandan shillings – – about US$27.5 million – – out of a national budget of more than 10 trillion shillings towards hiring enough wellness workers was rebuffed in September.’ ‘The reallocation failing has angered health advocates, especially maternal health activists, who point to having less trained nurses and midwives as an integral reason an estimated 16 women die daily having a baby in Uganda,’ IRIN notes. ‘The health ministry has responded to criticism ‘by shifting a few of its financing towards hiring and offers been speaking with donors about accessing additional money for staffing, but wellness advocates say it is not enough,’ the news assistance writes, adding, ‘They are contacting government to pass a supplementary spending budget this season or risk losing thousands of mothers’ .